Forget Marie Kondo, take a look at what we can do for you!

Take a look at the photos below to see the difference that Zen Den Oxford can make for you!


"We are thrilled with how Krista organised our daughter’s bedroom and box room. She was so helpful, professional and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. She even taught me how to fold and organise our clothes! Our daughter loves her new room and the box room has gone from a dumping ground to an organised dressing room. Thank you Krista, I will recommend your services to everyone."

Hannah & Nick 

"Krista is a miracle worker! My bedroom was always so cluttered because I just couldn't seem to find space for anything. Not only was she able create space to put everything away, she organized it all in a way that makes sense. Everything is easy to find and now has a spot that it belongs in, so it can be put away right after being used. Bye bye clutter!"


"Zen Den absolutely saved my closets! My partner and I struggled to get both our stuff to fit in our closet, but Krista managed to get everything in and help keep it organised! So grateful for her help and all the hard work she put in making our space more liveable."

Laura & Rob

"Oh my gosh I can’t tell you have pleased I was with my garage! Everything is now in order and easy to find. Our garage is quite big so we always throw anything and everything in there. So it was a right mess! It is now neat and tidy and I always know where to find things. Thank you so much!"

Natasha & Sam

"We are both very happy with how Krista organised our dressing room. She was punctual, professional and enthusiastic throughout the whole process and very clear about how she was going to re organise everything. I’m now looking forward to using my dressing room and table every morning, and my partner is happy because the mess has disappeared ! Thank you Krista, I’m looking forward to you helping me with other parts of the house!"

Nathasna & Jeremie

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